Collateral Pipeline ● the Collateral Murder for our time

While this example remains viable, on February 8, 2023 Seymour Hersh exposed who did it.

On July 12, 2007 an event occurred in Iraq that was recorded on video. It was leaked by the then Bradly Manning to Julian Assange of the mostly unknown at the time WikiLeaks. The video became known as Collateral Murder and put WikiLeaks on the world stage and Manning in prison. Later releases by WikiLeaks, notably the Clinton emails and Vault 7, has made Julian Assange a target. He has been in a UK prison in isolation typically 23 hours a day under no charge for years while waiting on the request of the US Government to be extradited.

WikiLeaks holds the unusual characteristic of being a journalism organization that thus far has not had to retract anything or has anything been shown to be false. However, what they have published has been extremely troubling for many people in power in many countries.

Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, has visited Assange and condemned his treatment to no avail. In reality the governments benefit from the delays and the frequent protests in London as it is a constant reminder to those in the journalism field. Assange is a warning not to venture in to places that embarrass people in power.

Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

On September 26, 2022 what is generally known as the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage took place. In a sense it is Europe’s 9/11 but without the overt pyrotechnics. It is suggested that there may be a large loss of life this winter due to Europe’s dependence on natural gas for heating. Economically it is a substantial part of what is called the deindustrialization of Europe as it has made operating costs excessive.

Investigations into the event have been thwarted by the US and numerous European countries. What happened and who was behind it remains a mystery to the public.

There is likely one or more people who know and have various forms of information, such as documentation, video, or tracking data. If they were to come out publicly with that data, they are probably not looking at prison but sudden death. This is a very high stakes game and you don’t want to mess up.

Collateral Pipeline

If you are a whistleblower at this level there are organizations to help, but are they really your ally? If they are, is there the possibility that someone in the organization is compromised and will put you in harm’s way? Even if they are fully on your side, they are also a primary target for monitoring, and you can be caught in that wake. What do you do?

If someone wants to publish data that gives evidence of who was behind it, perhaps the leak will be known as “Collateral Pipeline”. There can be no mistakes by the leaker, the whistleblower. There should be no third party involvement that could lead to the source of the data. Do you trust your life to policy, an organization, or technology that you control? This is the point of ShofarLeaks. It is to keep the source of a possible “Collateral Pipeline” alive.

It is the same for the next event.

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Collateral Pipeline ● the Collateral Murder for our time

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