ShofarLeaks ● “A fighting chance”

In the {E2809C}Modern day slavery{E2809D} video five points are mentioned as a requirement for the project to move forward.

1: Someone to promote the idea and ecosystem.

2: A modest amount of funding.

3: People to be part of the ecosystem for principle or profit.

4: People who would do a technical review or test the technology.

5: One or more young adept technical people to come up to speed on the project to one day make it their own.

Consider a situation where you are part of a collective of people. Being part of the collective brings mutual benefit to all of the collective. You as an individual find some, most or all of the collective{E28099}s objectives and methods acceptable. But than an issue comes up that impacts your conscience. What do you do?

Perhaps it is something you could privately talk with one or more of your collective. But in doing so are you at risk of showing less than full endorsement of the collective? Would others start to wonder if you are on the team?

What if the issue is serious, such as theft, murder, or sexual indiscretions? You know about it, and perhaps are involved in it. What do you do? What if the issue might cause harm to others? How do you show love for those others?

You are now toying with the idea of being a whistleblower and you need to consider that extremely carefully. There might be costs ranging from persecution, torture, abandonment, prison, and death. You need to weigh carefully what risks you are willing to take and methods that you might use to protect yourself.

In some cases you need to be open, clear, unambiguous, and very public in pointing out the issue. In other cases you might be able to partially or fully expose the issue while remaining completely anonymous.

There may be one or more third parties that could be of assistance. In some cases they would be a remarkable ally. In other cases they may essentially be a front for you enemy. They might be fully with you on the issue at hand, but because you might disagree on another issue you might find only tacit support.

ShofarLeaks is not an organization but simply a concept that you might use as an anonymous or public whistleblower that may help protect your job or your life. It is simply techniques that can be used based on ShofarNexus technology, or you might use the ideas in other venues.

ShofarLeaks describes ways for you to put evidence you might have in electronic form in safe places that you alone know where it is. It is based on fairly simple technology rather than policy that might change. You alone remain in control and the only party that knows even that the data exists. Where appropriate some electronic form of a dead man{E28099}s switch could be useful to protect you or others.

Consider some scenarios. You might have evidence showing that a government agency is paying kickbacks. Your job or more might be at stake if you expose it directly. You could put the electronic evidence in anonymous locations that remove any links to you. Perhaps at a scheduled time or at your command the information would be forwarded to multiple parties, such as journalists, other government agencies, or broadcast to a large list of people. Done well this could expose the issue while not exposing you. You also might make a mistake and it could cost you dearly. What ShofarLeaks offers is at least a possibility of protecting you.

You might have evidence showing where harm is being done or will be done to a small number of people or a vast group. This is not just impacting the wallet, but the lives of others. The tools and techniques are the same, but the seriousness is much greater. ShofarLeaks is not a guaranteed solution, but a fighting chance.

ShofarLeaks has existed for a decade but needs others to come alongside. Interested parties can contact

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ShofarLeaks ● “A fighting chance”

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